Frequently Asked Questions


If you are experiencing issues or have questions, first review the FAQ below and verify your phone settings are set up correctly. You can also see our Troubleshooting Tips.

If you need further assistance, feel free to contact us at with specific information regarding the issue and the type of device you are using.

I want to be tracked. What do I do?

Set Up

  1. Find Race: Click Featured Races to access the event you are doing.
  2. Set Up Phone for Tracking: Click "I Want to Be Tracked" and follow the prompts carefully. If you are doing one of the few races where Bib Tag tracking is being offered in RaceJoy, you will need to click the PhoneTrak button to set up your phone.
  3. Track Others: You can track up to 50 people by clicking on the participant icon on the upper part of the screen. Relay Teams need to add ALL team members to their list to receive team progress alerts.
  4. Plan to Carry Your Phone: Participants must carry their phone during the race.

Race Day

  1. Turn Tracking On: Click the green blinking button on Race Day. Tracking is activated 30 minutes before the race start time.
  2. Click: Click START MY RACE/LEG as you cross the START LINE/LEG for more accurate progress alerts. This is optional. If you do not click START MY RACE, your start time will be based on mile one.

Relay Teams: select the leg you are completing and wait to click START MY LEG until you begin your leg. The first leg MUST click START MY LEG to receive team progress alerts.

Replay Race Day in Buzz: Click Buzz to review your alerts and replay cheers!

Note: You must access RaceJoy on race day to activate GPS tracking. Tracking is turned on 30 minutes prior to the race start. Warning: Do NOT use Wi-Fi on race day. This will cause tracking to disengage.

Make sure you have a fully charged battery and turn off nonessential apps. See RaceJoy's Battery Preservation Tips.

How do I set up to track someone?

Add participants to your participants list:

  • Click on the icon on the upper corner of your screen and search for your participant.

Track them in a map view:

  • Apple Users: click the feet icon at the bottom of the screen.
  • Android Users: click the Track button at the top menu bar.

Track them with GPS-based progress alerts:

  • You will automatically receive these once you've added people to your participant list.
  • Click Buzz and then Progress Alerts to view alerts received.
  • The number of alerts vary by race and are typically sent out at every mile.
  • Make sure you have your Notifications ON and your volume up to receive alerts.

Note: Make sure you log in as you and not the person you wish to track. Otherwise, RaceJoy will track your phone instead of theirs!

How many people can I track?

You can track up to 50 people at a time.

I’m doing the race. Can I track others?

Yes, you can track up to 50 people, including yourself. Simply log in as the race participant and follow the prompts. Then click on the participant icon on the upper right or left part of the screen to add those you wish to track.

I'll be out on the course for a long time. What are my options?

If you plan to be out on the course for a longer period of time or multiple days, we suggest that you use a portable battery as a backup. We’ve tested several of these and recommend the Anker Mini.

Also, make sure to view our battery preservation tips.

How can I verify that RaceJoy is tracking a person's phone?

If the GPS signal next to the person’s name is green, this means RaceJoy is receiving a signal from the person’s phone and is tracking them. If it is gray, RaceJoy is not receiving a signal from their phone.

If it is gray, they may not have started their tracking in RaceJoy. The participant must turn on tracking so that RaceJoy can get a signal from the person’s phone.

What if I don't click Start My Race?

Clicking the Start My Race button activates your personal start time and your progress alerts will be based upon this time. If you do not click Start My Race, RaceJoy will base your progress alerts on gun time or the scheduled start time for the race.

Clicking Start My Race too early or late will affect your progress alerts. If you click it too early, simply click again when you cross the start line.

Why did the tracking stop?

If you were tracking someone and their tracking stopped, one of the following has occurred:

  1. Apple Phone Setting Incorrect:
    • Background App Refresh must be On for RaceJoy and at its global setting for the phone.
    • Location Services must be set to Always On.

      If you were tracking someone and then about 15 minutes later, their tracking stopped, it is typically due to one of these settings being incorrectly set up. The participant will receive a prompt from the app and needs to adjust the setting.

  2. Poor Cell Zone or Data Bandwidth: The participant’s cellular provider may have poor cell or data connections where the event is being held. Each provider is different for a given region. If this is the case, then this is temporary and RaceJoy is designed to pick up their phone’s signal automatically when they enter a functioning region.

  3. Using Wi-Fi: The participant may be using Wi-Fi and as they are travelling the course lost the connection. Let them know they need to turn OFF Wi-Fi or wait and see if they reconnect to another Wi-Fi source.

  4. Depleted Battery: The participant’s phone battery may be depleted or is in Power Save mode. This may occur when there is an older phone model, poor cell conditions or when other apps are being used that require significant battery. RaceJoy’s tracking can typically be used for eight to 14 hours with a fully charged battery.

Why is RaceJoy showing a participant in a different location?

This will occur when someone accidentally logs in as the person they wish to track – typically a well-meaning family member or friend. The participant can re-claim their phone by clicking on the name at the top of the screen and following the prompts.

What do I need to do on race day?

Participants being tracked need to make sure they come to the race with a fully charged phone and click Start My Race as they cross the start line. RaceJoy will automatically detect when crossing the finish line. Go to Buzz after the race to review progress alerts and cheers.

How do I turn on tracking?

Tracking will be activated 30 minutes prior to the race starting. Simply click on the green, blinking button to activate tracking. Then, click on the Start My Race button as you cross the start line to begin your personal race time.

Is this tracking of my actual location or estimated location?

RaceJoy tracks your actual location based upon the GPS position of your phone. This is not an estimator or simulator. The blue dot that appears on the map is your actual location. RaceJoy issues updates approximately every 30 to 60 seconds.

What do I do if my tracking isn't working?

Check if Using RaceJoy: Make sure the participant has turned on their tracking in RaceJoy within 30 minutes of the race start time. The participant must go into the app and activate the tracking. You will see their GPS signal turn green when RaceJoy receives a signal from the person’s phone.

Participant trouble shooting:

  1. Verify Signed In Correctly: Click your name or Guest at the top of the screen and make sure you are signed in as a participant versus a spectator or guest.
  2. Test Tracking: The participant can test tracking by clicking PhoneTrak and then the Test Tracking button. A prompt will appear if a setting is off.
  3. Turn OFF Wi-fi and Airplane Mode: The participant needs to have a connection with their cellular provider and is not in Airplane mode or using Wi-Fi.
  4. Check Apple Phone Settings:
    • Background App Refresh must be On for RaceJoy and at its global setting for the phone.
    • Location Services must be set to Always On.
  5. Turn on Tracking: Make sure you enter the app and turn your tracking on prior to the race starting. Tracking is activated 30 minutes prior to race start time.

If the participant is showing up in the wrong location, then someone else has logged in as the participant. Simply have the participant click on their name at the top of the screen and follow the prompts to reclaim their phone as the tracking device.

Support: If after trying these steps tracking is still not working, please contact us at