Frequently Asked Questions


If you are experiencing issues or have questions, first review the FAQ below and verify your phone settings are set up correctly. You can also see our Troubleshooting Tips.

If you need further assistance, feel free to contact us at with specific information regarding the issue and the type of device you are using.

How often will I receive progress updates?

This varies by race. However, for most events, progress updates are sent out at every mile. For longer duration and cycling events, they are typically issued every five miles.

What information will be provided with the progress updates?

Progress alerts include the participant’s location, elapsed time, average pace, split pace, and estimated finish time.

Are updates based upon my passing timing equipment?

No, most events in RaceJoy are offering RaceJoy’s GPS-based progress alerts based upon your phone crossing milestones on the course vs. you crossing the race’s timing equipment.

Note: For a select few races, RaceJoy offers a mixed mode experience that includes GPS-based alerts along with official race-time progress alerts based upon your bib/chip crossing timing points on the course.

How are updates delivered?

The participant receives these in audio format and the spectator receives them as in-app notifications accompanied with a cow bell alert sound. Participants can choose to have these posted to their Twitter walls. As of August 1, 2018, Facebook no longer allows progress updates to be auto posted.

Where can I review past updates?

Progress alerts can be reviewed by going to the Buzz area of RaceJoy.

Can I post updates to Facebook or Twitter?

You can post updates only to Twitter by setting this up when you login to RaceJoy or by clicking on the Social area in RaceJoy. You have the option to post your performance information or simply that you started and/or completed the course. Facebook does not allow the ability for your progress to be automatically posted.

I'm not receiving progress alerts. What do I do?

Spectator Tips:

  1. Go to Buzz and then Progress Alerts. This is where you can see past alerts received. If you do not see any alerts, check to see that the participant has activated RaceJoy and if they their GPS symbol is green. If their symbol is gray, their phone is not transmitting to RaceJoy. Their phone must be connected to RaceJoy in order for progress alerts to be issued.
  2. Verify that you have Notifications ON for RaceJoy and for the global Notifications on your phone.

Participant Tips:

  1. Make Sure You are Set Up Correctly: Click your name at the top of the screen. If Guest is at the top of the screen, you have signed in as a spectator. Simply click this and follow the prompts.
  2. Turn OFF Wi-fi and Airplane Mode: The participant needs to have a connection with their cellular provider and is not in Airplane mode or using Wi-Fi.
  3. Check Apple Phone Settings:
    • Background App Refresh must be On for RaceJoy and at its global setting for the phone.
    • Location Services must be set to Always On. Notifications must be on for RaceJoy and globally for the phone.
  4. Verify Notifications Volume is On and Turned Up.

I stopped getting progress updates. What happened?

If were receiving progress alerts and they stop, one of the following has occurred:

  • There has been an unexpected change in the course map – RaceJoy’s alerts are based upon the course route provided by the race. When changes in the route occur and are not adjusted in RaceJoy, this may impact or discontinue the progress alerts.
  • Poor Cell or Data Zone: the participant’s cellular provider may have poor cell or limited data connections along the course. Each provider is different for a given region. If this is the case, then alerts may stop temporarily and pick back up in a functioning region.
  • Depleted Battery: The participant’s phone battery may be depleted or is in Power Save mode. This may occur when there is an older phone model, poor cell conditions or when other apps are being used that require significant battery. RaceJoy's tracking can typically be used for eight to 14 hours with a fully charged battery.

I don't want audio progress alerts. What do I do?

If you do not wish to receive the audio progress alerts, click on your name at the top of the screen, follow the prompts, and de-select the audio alerts button. If you are using a training app during the race that provides pace information, we recommend you turn off the audio progress alerts in RaceJoy. Others will still be able to get your progress updates and see your location on the map.

Also, you can choose to turn off receiving cheers on this same page, if you do not wish to be interrupted or have your music interrupted.