Frequently Asked Questions


If you are experiencing issues or have questions, first review the FAQ below and verify your phone settings are set up correctly. You can also see our Troubleshooting Tips.

If you need further assistance, feel free to contact us at with specific information regarding the issue and the type of device you are using.

What are the important Apple settings?

  • Notifications: Your device's notifications must be ON for RaceJoy (including Sounds) in order to receive audio progress alerts and cheers.
  • Location Services: The device you wish to have tracked must have Location Services ALWAYS ON for tracking to function (not "While Using"). Go to Privacy/Location Services to verify.
  • Background App Refresh: General phone setting Background App Refresh must be ON for GPS tracking to stay enabled.

Apple does not allow the App to override your settings. Please ensure these are enabled so that you can experience RaceJoy’s mobile features.

Apple Says I should use Wi-Fi?

You may receive a prompt from Apple saying Wi-Fi will improve your location services. Disregard this prompt, and make sure to use your cellular service provider when you turn your tracking on.

Most people will connect to Wi-Fi to save on data and to overcome their provider’s limited service for a given area. This is fine when you are stationary or indoors, but it doesn’t work well with GPS tracking across race courses.

Using Wi-Fi can cause your tracking to turn off as you move away from the Wi-Fi area. Plus, your battery will drain at a much faster rate as your phone attempts to make new connections as you move along the course.

I turned the setting on for RaceJoy and it still says it is off?

Look to see if the global settings for that function is turned on. For example, you may have Background App refresh on for RaceJoy, but off for your entire phone.

Apple Says RaceJoy is running in the background. Is this true?

Only on race day. RaceJoy is only active when you are actively using it and when tracking is activated on race day. In order for RaceJoy to stay connected with your phone during the race, your phone must be set to Location Services Always On for RaceJoy. Otherwise, as you are completing the course, your phone will disengage with RaceJoy and will turn your tracking off.

Please make sure your setting is set to Always On and your Background App Refresh is ON for RaceJoy and at the global setting.