Frequently Asked Questions


If you are experiencing issues or have questions, first review the FAQ below and verify your phone settings are set up correctly. You can also see our Troubleshooting Tips.

If you need further assistance, feel free to contact us at with specific information regarding the issue and the type of device you are using.

How do Relay Teams do live tracking?

  1. Team Set Up:
    • All need to click "I Want to Be Tracked" upon initial set up. Follow the prompts.
    • Select "Relay Course" option in course selection section. You may need to scroll down the course option list.
    • Sign up with team or add team to list, if not shown. Make sure to select the correct team as many team names are similar.
    • Add ALL team members to your participant list (this is required to receive team progress alerts).

  2. Race Day: Select & Start Leg:
    • Select Leg: Select the leg you are going to complete.
    • Wait to click START MY LEG until you actually begin your leg. This begins the personal race time for that leg.

If you are doing more than one leg, you will need to select each leg and click "Start My Leg" as you begin each segment.

If you do not click START MY LEG, then GPS tracking will still be available as long as you turn your tracking on. You just will not receive progress alerts for that segment.

Verify Proper Team Set Up:

  • Click the More button on race page in RaceJoy.
  • Click Profile: If you do not see your team name at the top of the screen, redo your setup by clicking your name and following the Team Set Up steps above.

What happens if I don’t click Start My Leg?

If you carry your phone and turn on RaceJoy’s tracking, you can still have others track your position on the map, but you will not receive progress updates.

Note: The FIRST team member MUST click Start My Leg for subsequent members to receive progress alerts. This starts the clock for the team. Other team members can then chose whether or not to click Start My Leg to get performance updates.

What if I am doing more than one leg?

If you want progress alerts, you will need to select each leg you are completing and click “Start My Leg” as you begin each leg.

Can I just do tracking without the team progress alerts?

Sure. Just make sure to enter RaceJoy the day of the race and turn on your tracking and refrain from clicking "Start My Leg". You will still need to carry your phone to be tracked.

What if some of us aren’t using RaceJoy’s tracking?

As long as the FIRST leg is using RaceJoy and clicks "Start My Leg", the remaining team members can opt in or not. Team members that are using RaceJoy select the leg they are doing and click “Start My Leg” when they begin their segment. So, you can have some members not participate in receiving progress alerts - just as long as the starting leg starts the clock for the team.

I signed in under the wrong team, what do I do?

Change your profile by clicking on your name shown at the top of the main race screen and follow the prompts.