A new way to experience race day!

Why race alone when you don't have to?

Share race day with your supporting family and friends! 

Great way to support runners when you are unable to attend race. The cheer feature is the best!!! The voices and cheers priceless. Great mile tracking.
— Tamara R.

Races offering RaceJoy are providing the most advanced race day experience available today! By tapping into the power of your smart phone, RaceJoy delivers real time performance information and the ability for family and friends to show their support from around the world!

There is no charge to use RaceJoy as the interactive race day features are provided as part of your race day experience. Make sure to share your appreciation to race organizers and sponsors for their providing of RaceJoy! 



Live phone tracking

Track up to 50 participants live as they travel the official course! This is not an estimator and is based on the actual position of the participant's phone. Includes NearMe alerts and handy MeetUp feature.

GPS progress alerts

Receive progress alerts for yourself and others as you cross milestones along the course. Typically, alerts are sent at EVERY MILE and include location, pace, elapsed time and estimated finish time. 


Send motivational, pre-recorded audio cheer clips or personalized Text-to-Cheer messages to race participants leading up to, during, and after the race. 

scored results

Scored results are available at select races. When available, a results button will appear. 

I downloaded the app for the first time for a race this weekend. I used the progress report, cheers and tracking features for my family. It was great. I had no technical issues and I could leave my phone in the back of my belt pouch and still hear the updates and the cheers come through. This is a great tool. And the cheer feature would be awesome on courses where it is hard for spectators to get around or if you are at a race solo.
— 17th marathon, 1st time RaceJoy user at Madison Marathon

Check out RaceJoy's Overview to learn more about the interactive race day features available! 

I appreciated the GPS tracking and progress alerts but the CHEERS from my kids, when they came through, was the icing on the cake! This is a wonderful app that combined useful information AND motivational support. I look forward to using it again at another race!
— Cynthia R.
Excellent and very precise app and fun to follow a runner! Made the race more exciting
— Tina M.

Doing a race and want to use racejoy? 

If you are interested in using RaceJoy and are not affiliated with the race organization, feel free to send a letter to the race director to let them know you would like to use RaceJoy.  Here is a sample letter you can send to race organizers.