Race and sponsor promotion

Race organizers or sponsors have the opportunity to be prominently showcased in RaceJoy and reaching a highly engaged audience of participants and their supporting family and friends. RaceJoy's offers linkable banner ads, custom branding in user social twitter posts and with each progress alert issued. Alerts are typically issued at every mile - creating thousands of impression moments and a significant value for the sponsor.

The interactive tools within RaceJoy draw people in and ensure race and sponsors receive maximum exposure. 

“Fantastic app! This was a huge benefit today. I ran the half and had friends in the full. I could stay out of the rain and knew just when to go back out and watch them finish! Thank you!”
— Zions Bank Ogden Marathon Spectator

In-app advertising is one of the most powerful marketing tools today; more effective than print, television and radio.


Custom Progress alerts


Linkable banner ads



Twitter CustomizatioN


Flat buyout: Free to participants/spectators

Up to 50 miles, up to 2 consecutive race days and 3 distinct courses

Table Example
Total Number of Participants

(across all events)

Buyout Price
Up to 1,000 $750
Up to 3,000 $1,500
Up to 10,000 $2,500
Up to 20,000 $5,000
Greater than 20,000 $7,500

Endurance Event

Events greater than 50 miles. Maximum of 3 event days.


RaceJoy helps your brand reach race participants and their friends and families in the months approaching the race, on race day and after the race. Plus, RaceJoy expands your visibility by reaching remote spectators throughout the nation and around the world.

Thank you for this wonderful app :*) We loved it! My parents at 75 were able to use it with ease and track my friend and I as we ran. My other friends that were running the 25K could send us cheers and I could send them back as we were running. Very easy to use and fun. We shared the cheers and it was great! Thank you for your creativity!!! It was wonderful :*)
— Kristen