Be on the forefront of technology!

Most Advanced Form of Live Tracking and Race Operations Management! 

With RaceJoy, you can easily offer the most advanced form of tracking available with no added equipment and at a minimum cost. You also receive real-time race day management and communication tools. 

RaceJoy uses the power of smart phones to provide real-time GPS tracking of the person's actual location and create real-time information and interaction with race organizers and spectators.

More than 60% of runners carry their phone while running and this number continues to grow. This, along with continual advancing technology, creates an opportunity to give participants a new way to experience race day and for race organizers to have powerful real-time information to help manage race day. 

Together, we are changing the race experience!

I loved, loved, loved using this app! I was an absolute joy and an asset for my family and friends to track me throughout the entire race. Thank you! I hope more races will use this app for live tracking.
— Flying Pig Marathon participant.

See all the features that the race receives in addition to providing an innovative race experience for participants and spectators.

races in racejoy


  • Meet and exceed the growing expectations of participants and spectators for live real-time tracking and interaction on race day.
  • Automatically promote your race or a sponsor through users’ in-app social media postings to Facebook and Twitter and GPS-based progress alerts typically sent at every mile.
  • Expand sponsorship exposure with powerful in-app advertising that now includes remote spectators from across the country and the globe.
  • Track and communicate instantly with race operations team
  • Minimum effort required with no technology or date integration and at an affordable price

Race receives

  • Innovative Race Experience: Real-time GPS tracking, continual progress updates, and cheer sending. 
  • Race Day Monitoring: Live race day monitoring of participants and race operations, participant replay, off-course alerts, and more.
  • Listing in RaceJoy: Offers a cross-promotion opportunity for your race.
  • Race Branding & Information: Race logo placement, custom race information and link to race website. Countdown/start clock. 
  • Course Map: Interactive course map(s) with custom course markers.
  • Sponsor Advertising: Effective in-app sponsor recognition with a highly engaged audience. 
  • Race News: Communications tool for issuing important race news. 

The RaceJoy app was amazing over the weekend [at the Burning River 100]. I tracked a 100-mile participant and a relay runner. Not only did he [the 100-miler] rave about how he knew whether he was on/off course, his crew and family loved sending him cheers and tracking him. I can’t tell you how satisfied we are with your app.
— Jim Christ, Western Reserve Racing
Great app! Intuitive too and awesome alerts to make sure you know what you have to do on race day to activate. The tracking feature worked flawlessly for my wife with audio alerts each mile and an accurate GPS tracking that got her to a great viewing spot to see me (slowly) run by... I would like to see other races get behind it.
— JJ
I ran for the first time and my friends and family who were cheering me were able to track me and keep and eye on my pace and my location. Also the cheers were fun to listen to when I was running. Great app for runners. Definitely recommended!
— Kris G.