RaceJoy is designed by athletes and spectators for athletes and spectators!


RaceJoy is a RunSignUp product that is changing the race experience by delivering real-time interactive experiences for participants, spectators, and race operations. RaceJoy is a mobile app with more than 300,000 downloads and is designed specifically for running, cycling and triathlon events across the United States.

RaceJoy offers a flexible platform that does not require extra equipment or integration with technology as it takes advantage of the participants' carrying their phone during the race.

RunSignUp is the leading industry innovator for race events, timing service providers, running stores and clubs. RunSignUp operates RaceJoy as an independent product offering so that all races are able to offer a big race day experience. 


The Idea

RaceJoy originated from a husband and wife team out of the central Florida area. The initial idea began in 2000 when James Harris was very active in racing triathlons, specifically Ironmans, and his family would go to most of his races to provide support and encouragement. The longer endurance events are a significant challenge for the athlete, but they can also be very tiring and stressful for supporting family and friends. Anyone who has supported someone at a race can relate! ;-)

While James was doing the Great Floridian Ironman in Clermont,  James's wife, Shelly, and their daughters (Anna, Catherine and Rebecca) spent the day cheering on all the athletes. Little did they know that James was having an especially good day. James ended up crossing the finish line - alone. It was very disappointing for all of them to end the day without that finish line moment together. 

The technology available for tracking was pretty limited back then. So, James and Shelly continued with their corporate jobs and shelved the ideas of improving the race experience. Then, in 2011 they completed the Walt Disney World Marathon and realized the race experience had not improved much over the years. However, the technology and communications industry HAD made revolutionary changes and this happened to be James's field of specialty. With the help of family angel investors, Shelly and James left their corporate careers to begin RaceJoy. 

In 2015, Bob Bickel, the founder of RunSignUp purchased RaceJoy. Bob and James had held many discussions since the inception of RaceJoy. Bob having a history of successfully building companies and bringing new technologies to market had a vision for RaceJoy. He saw that not only would RaceJoy be a natural extension of RunSignUp's robust technology platform, it had the potential to significantly change the road race industry. RaceJoy has since integrated with RunSignUp's platform to provide greater value and seamlessness for RunSignUp's customers, yet maintains an openness by working with all races and registration companies across the United States. Special thanks to Bob for keeping the dream going! We love Bob!